The core of the SBIP blockchain ecosystem is based on the research outcomes from the NUS Database System Research lab.

The novelty and application prospects of this research are well-recognized in academia, being published in top-tier journals and international conferences.

Published Papers

Other Papers and Books

NUS Database System Research Group


A distributed ledger system compatible with Hyperledger Fabric, incorporating enhancements such as sharding, real-time provenance query, and concurrency control for smart contract parallelism.


A framework for decentralized identity management.


An interoperability solution for any fungible assets – fiat, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger (blockchain), ingame tokens, or any other type of asset tracked on a ledger.


A blockchain benchmark framework which allows users to measure the performance of a specific blockchain implementation with a set of synthesis workloads.


Rigorous analysis tool to perform full verification for the safety and correctness of smart contracts.


Embeddable ledger storage compliant with blockchain data properties, such as immutability and tamper-evidence.

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